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Every Trinidadian household has a jar of hot pepper sauce made to a family recipe and no joke is Susanna’s. The no joke family recipe is a thrilling fusion of scotch bonnet peppers, papaya, lime, ginger and spices and, just like its maker, Susanna – who moved from Trinidad to England in 1973 and has been living in Cumbria for 23 years – it is a marriage of distinct Caribbean character with a ‘Made in Cumbria’ hallmark. This sauce brings a world of pizazz to your kitchen.  Every time you look at the jar and see the words no joke – that famous Caribbean saying – you are reminded that this is a condiment with very serious credentials.

It’s all in the name- the sauce is no joke and adds a real kick to a whole host of meals and snacks though, unlike hot sauces which leave you gasping for water or yoghurt, no joke has a rich, compelling flavour. The level of heat and spice does not mask the caramelly warmth and the roundness of fruit. Also setting no joke apart from other hot sauces is its versatility; a thin layer can be spread on sandwiches, a teaspoon stirred into a stew or a smidgen simply dabbed to bring any forkful to life.

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